Ontario Soluciones, Madrid, and Beeper Technologies Ltd Israel have established a formal collaboration alliance for the sale, support and distribution of advanced SD WAN cellular bonding solutions developed by Beeper

  • Apr 30, 2017

Ontario is an established Value Added Reseller and distributor of advanced communications technology in Spain, the EU and Latin America.

This collaboration agreement will allow Spanish security and emergency service providers to have the most secure communications technology available to extend their broadband data and video capacity wherever necessary.  The IE 5000 is interoperable and backwards compatible with existing communications platforms.

The IE 5000 SD WAN Cellular Bonder intelligently combines the “most available” channels, independent of the operator, offering secure high-speed access, allowing the user to extend their intranet, stream video in real time, share files and securely leveraging public clout infrastructure while creating Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for the users. Although the solution was developed for military use, its versatility makes it an ideal solution for commercial applications in an evermore, digital world.